Thursday, October 20, 2011

And Tango Makes Three Reviewed by Noel Sander

Review of And Tango Makes Three

The Lorax Reviewed by Lily Hoffman

Review of the Lorax

Kira Kira Reviewed by Nicole D.

Review of Kira Kira

The Girl Who Chased Away Sorrow Reviewed by Emily Lutz

Review of Girl Who Chased Away Sorrow

Tiki Tiki Tembo Reviewed by Maren Scott

Review of Tiki Tiki Tembo

The Girl Who Wanted to Hunt Reviewed by Rachel Annunziata

Review of The Girl Who Wanted to Hunt

The Watson's go to Birmingham Reviewed by Sarah Alexander

Review of The Watson's Go to Burmingham

The Story of Ferdinand Reviewed by Mollie Kaubrys

Review of Ferdinand

The Sissy Duckling Reviewed by Bridget Gales

Review of Sissy Duckling

Dear Primo Reviewed by Lauren Binstein

Review of Dear Primo

Copper Sun Reviewed by Taylor Tapscott

Review of Copper Sun

When Africa was Home & First Part Last Reviewed by Yun-A Johnson

Review of When Africa Was Home & First Part Last

House on Mango Street Reviewed by Nathaniel Kline

Review of House on Mango Street

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Keesha's House Reviewed by Amanda Lotz

Review of Keesha's House

The Harry Potter and Twilight Series Reviewed by Lauren Lerner

Review of Harry Potter and Twilight Series

The Great Migration Reviewed by Hubert Erastus Dixon III

Review of The Great Migration

Something Beautiful Reviewed by Brandi Cuffee

Patricia Polacco Books Reviewed by Harlan Kinzer

Review of Pink and Say and In our Mother's House

Frida Maria Reviewed by Samantha

Review of Frida Maria

The Other Side Reviewed by Kelly Fister

Review of The Other Side

Masai and I Reviewed by Morgan Kret

Review of Masai and I

Under Our Skin Reviewed by Weddy

Review of Under our Skin

The Blizzard's Robe Reviewed by Lindsay Glotzer

Review of The Blizzard's Robe

Skin Again Reviewed by Renee Hamer

Review of Skin Again

Shades of People Reviewed by Claudette V. Williams

Encounter Reviewed by Veronica Chirlin

Princess Grace Reviewed by R. Jenks

Goin' Someplace Special Reviewed by Tomiko Ball

American Born Chinese Reviewed by Sarah T

Pocahantas Princess of the New World Reviewed by Katrina Minor